Volume Hotkey Controller1.1

An application that enables you to control your master sound volume and devices via global hotkeys, that can be called from anywhere, including fullscreen applications (e.g. games).

A hotkey can be composed of one or many keyboard presses, mouse button clicks, mouse wheel scrolls or a combination of those.

You can choose between 3 different volume increase / decrease behaviours:

  • Smooth mode changes the volume continuously while the hotkey is down.
  • Sharp mode changes the volume on each hotkey press.
  • Hybrid mode is a combination of the smooth and sharp modes. It changes the volume at the initial hotkey press, then waits a certain amount of time, then keeps changing the volume continuously while the hotkey is down.

There’s an option to set different volume behaviour configurations for different sound output devices.

The volume changes can be accompanied by a tick sound on hotkey press.

An on-screen display (OSD) window can be shown over all applications. You can fully customize its on-screen position and visuals.

The Windows volume mixer can be shown at a specific position on hotkey press.

The current sound output devices can be also switched via hotkeys, with various mute and target role settings.

Further you can add special hotkeys that can modify the current sound output device’s volume with set, increase and decrease commands.

On very first run, Volume Hotkey Controller will add itself to the Windows startup list, so that the program will automatically run on system start. You can change this setting in the “Other” tab.

Volume Hotkey Controller
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