Shutdown Logger1.0

A tool to record the time and type of all shutdow events of a system (such as shutdown, restart, standby, lock screen, user change and many more) and optionally write them to a log file.

In order to make it work, the program has to autostart itself on any new session (a session is started by logging into the desktop and some other events). On each manual program end, you will be asked whether you would like the program to automatically start itself the next run. In most cases, you may answer with Yes.

On the first run, the program will fully show itself. Each next run, the program will be automatically minimized to the system tray.

If Save log to file is checked, each event will be saved to the log file, which can be found under ShutdownLogger.log in the program’s root folder.

In some cases (e.g. the folder you start the program from requires admin access) the program has to be started as administrator, just to access the log and the settings files.

List of events to be logged
  • Session Start: Log On
  • Session End: Log Off
  • Session End: Shutdown
  • Power Mode: Resume
  • Power Mode: Suspend
  • Session Switch: Lock
  • Session Switch: Unlock
  • Session Switch: Console Connect
  • Session Switch: Console Disconnect
  • Session Switch: Remote Control
  • Session Switch: Remote Connect
  • Session Switch: Remote Disconnect
  • Session Switch: Log Off
  • Session Switch: Log On
Shutdown Logger
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