Screen Pixel Measurer2.0

A tool designed to measure points, lines, rectangles, squares, circles and other forms on the screen. This is useful if you have a rectangle, for example, in a picture, and you want to know the width or height of that rectangle.

After each measurement you can copy the retrieved data to the clipboard.

To start a measurement, you can either click on the buttons in the main window or use predefined global hotkeys that can be changed in the options.

For example, if you want to measure a rectangle, you will first have to pick a start point (usually the top-left corner of the rectangle).

Then pick an end point (usually the bottom-right corner of the rectangle).

Optionally, you can change the origin (0,0) of the coordinate system. Thus, all measurement data will adapt to the origin.

You can also force the form you draw to snap to certain presets. To do so, just hold “Ctrl” while measuring and move your mouse around.

Analogously this can be done with the rectangle form. The rectangle will then snap to a square with an equal width and height.

  • Mouse wheel - Switch line colors
  • Shift - Slow / normal cursor speed
  • Control - Snap to presets on / off
  • Escape - Quit capture mode / Quit program
  • Arrow left / A - Move cursor left
  • Arrow up / W - Move cursor up
  • Arrow right / D - Move cursor right
  • Arrow down / S - Move cursor down
  • Space - Select position
  • Z - Show / hide zoom window
  • B - Show / hide information box
Screen Pixel Measurer
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