A tool that lets you chat with one or more chat partners by connecting to the hoster’s server IP. This application can setup and connect to a chat room on the internet or a local network.

To get started, one of you has to host a server with a valid port (def. 49650, if you are behind a router, forward the TCP & UDP ports you are hosting on), then your chat partners connect to you using the server IP and port.

Depending in which network you want to chat, you should give your chat partners either your external IP (to chat on the internet) or internal IP (to chat on a local network).

The first time hosting or connecting to a server a firewall warning might popup. In that case, press “Allow access” to proceed.

The main chat room allows the clients to chat either publicly or privately.

Further features include name, text color and sound options.

There is also an option to auto-save chat logs.

  • Chat with one or more persons at once
  • Host a server on the internet or a local network
  • Sound notifications on joining, leaving, chatting and other
  • Option to change own input text color
  • Option to send private messages to users
  • Option to (automatically) save chat logs
  • Option to move IP-Chat to the system tray
  • Window automatically clips to screen borders if its beyond those
  • Uses a secured connection, where messages are encrypted with Blowfish
Download 1.3