High Resolution Timer1.0

The High Resolution Timer is a stopwatch that measures the elapsed time in microseconds. It can start, pause and reset a timer, take round times, and export them into a text file.

The fundamental problem with software timers in the region of 1 millisecond is that Windows is not a RTOS, and therefore is not suitable for generating regular and accurate events around the 1 millisecond mark.

The program cannot solve this problem. However, it does offer a microsecond timer which offers a reasonable degree of accuracy (approx. 1µs) the majority (approx. 99.9%) of the time. The accuracy is highly system & processor dependant, so a faster system will result in a more accurate timer.

In the settings you can configure the round time representation, the global hotkeys to control the program’s main functions, and the notification sound volume.

The program will create an icon in the system tray, with a timer in the tooltip. Click on it to hide or show the program’s main window.

Note, that to achieve the best possible accuracy, the program will require a lot of processing resources (25% and more on quad-core processor).

High Resolution Timer
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