Counter-Strike (CS/CSS/CSGO) Buyscript Maker1.3

A simple tool to create & update buyscripts in Counter-Strike 1.6 / Counter-Strike: Source / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Buyscripts are used to buy different weapons & equipment by pressing keyboard or mouse buttons on each round start. They are fast, simple & fully customizeable.

It’s recommended to close the game before configuring the buyscripts.

The first time you run the tool, you have to set the path to the root folder of the corresponding Counter-Strike game.

For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it’s usually located under: <Steam>/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

In the left list box you have keyboard and mouse buttons, in the right - the weapons, equipment, radio commands and other stuff you can add to your buyscript, in the bottom - the final buyscript for the corresponding key.

To bind a new buyscript, press “Add button” and choose a keyboard or mouse button.

Now, in the 4 list boxes on the right, double click the items you want to have in the buyscript for the corresponding key. When you’re ready, press “Save / Update Buyscript” to save and update the buyscript.

By default, the buyscripts will be automatically copied to the game’s config files. You can now open the game and check them out.

Counter-Strike (CS/CSS/CSGO) Buyscript Maker
Download 1.3