A tool to regularly archive files and folders with absolute or relative paths into a zip file. The paths will be saved into a project file that will later run the archiving process.

The project file can be easily started with a double click from the explorer.

Once you open the tool, you will see a list of created and imported project files. To create a new project, click on the “Create” button.

It is also possible to create a project by right clicking on empty space in the explorer, then go to “New”, “AutoZipper Project”, then do another right click on the project file and choose “Edit with AutoZipper”.

You can then choose between different compression methods and levels, encodings (mainly used to correctly encode unicode filenames), passwords and its encryption methods, files and folders to add to the archive, and, optionally, run an external file after completion of the archiving process.

For each path to a file or folder, an asterisk * can be used to refer to the root folder of the project file. Paths in the zip archive are meant to be started with a slash /, followed by a folder structure you want to save your file or folder to.

After you have finished configuring your project file, save and run it.

From then on, you can run your project with a double click from the explorer.

Download 1.0