A tool to create a list with your files, shortcuts, webpages and directories, which you would like to open by launching a single batch file. A batch file is a text file that contains a sequence of commands for the system to execute. Batch files can be easily started with a double click from the explorer.

An example of asking the user whether he would like to start a bunch of files and webpages. If he answers “yes”, it opens the files, webpages, and pauses the execution of the list until the browser closes:

To start, use the “Add” button to add the data you want to launch, or just drag and drop them into the list (needs the program to be run as invoker, not admin).

Note, that most dialogues support multiple file selection.

You can change the parameters of each line either by clicking on the “Edit” button in the left panel, or by double clicking the line.

You can also add different batch operations, properties, logical elements (such as jumps, conditions), ask questions and wait the user to answer, customize the visual appearance of the command prompt.

Example of the “Ask Question” window that will add a condition block. Stops the execution of the list, and continues after the user answers.

Test your project by clicking on the “Test” button on the top, or press “F1”.

After you’ve finished, save or update your batch file by clicking “Create Batch” on the top, or press “F2”.

  • Easy-to-use visual development
  • Start any possible path: file, directory, shortcut, batch, webpages
  • Large selection of batch commands, properties and logical structures
  • Customization of the console's look: colorizing text, background
  • Drag and drop to move list elements for fast development
  • Fast and easy save and update batch function
  • Save and open previously made project files
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