A tool to notify you at a specific time by an alarm sound or message.

You can set up an alarm either by absolute (e.g. alarm at 10:30 p.m.) or relative time (e.g. alarm in 30 seconds from the current time). While setting the alarm, use “Tab” to quickly switch between hours and minutes, then press “Enter” to apply.

After the alarm has been set, a notification message can be written in the text box of the main window. Pressing “Enter”, while in the text box, will move the program to the system tray.

To stop an active alarm, either press the “Alarm off” button or F3 in the program’s window, or press the global hotkey (def. Ctrl + Alt + O) that is defined the settings. Global hotkeys work in all overlay applications, but may require the program to be started as administrator.

To disable any sounds and beeps on alarm, just check the “Sound” button in the settings window, and clear the text box for the sound path.

If you’ve checked the “Balloon message on alarm” in the settings, then you will see something like this:

Moving your cursor over the tray icon will show the time when to be alarmed.

  • F1 (in main window) − Set 'Alarm at'
  • F2 (in main window) − Set 'Alarm in'
  • F3 (in main window) − Stop alarm
  • Escape (in main window) − Exit application
  • Enter (in main window) − Move 'Alarm' to system tray
  • Tab (in 'Alarm at' and 'Alarm in' windows) − Toggle hour and minutes
  • Ctrl + Alt + O (global hotkey) − Stop alarm
  • Ctrl + Alt + M (global hotkey) − Toggle window visibility
Download 3.1