INI-File Easyscripts1.0

Scripts that make the saving and loading of data via .ini files easier and syntactically simpler. These scripts are slot‑based, which means you save and load variables from specific slots.

Writes variables to an ini-file:

i_open("myini.ini") //opening ini-file
i_savereal(1,points) //saving points to slot 1
i_savestring(2,name) //saving name to slot 2
i_close() //closing ini-file

Reads variables from an ini-file:

i_open("myini.ini") //opening ini-file
points = i_loadreal(1) //reading points as real number from slot 1
name = i_loadstring(2) //reading name as string from slot 2
i_close() //closing ini-file
INI-File Easyscripts
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